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I help clients clear out the noise in the busy health space and find  their way back to their health freedom.

Meet Salome Masghati, MD, FACOG 

I became a physician to help patients live their health potential to the fullest and gain back autonomy over their life. I don't look at symptoms alone but take a deep dive into your individual story and path leading you to this point.

I rely on your motivation and dedication in doing the work that it takes to get better. When you work with me, you will receive a highly customized program tailored to your needs based on the most advanced diagnostic testing and therapeutics available. 


What patients say about Dr. Masghati

 "I am in my early 40's and years of painful intercourse, loss of libido and lack of energy was taking a big toll on my marriage. Dr Masghati has treated me with multiple treatment modalities. The difference is night and day. We are back to a healthy enjoyable sex life with no after pain or discomfort."

Rachel L.

"I have met with a lot of different gyno doctors and Dr. Masghati is hands down the best I’ve ever seen. She actually cares and recommended me so many things that are actually going to help rather than just doing the bare minimum.She is AMAZING. I love her and don’t plan on seeing anyone else."

Mikayla B.

"Dr. Masghati is very knowledgeable. She took a holistic approach to help with the excessive estrogen my body was producing. After following her recommendations, I was shocked at how great I was feeling. Dr. Masghati is intelligent, professional and extremely helpful."

Jamie M.

"Dr. Masghati was very attentive and showed genuine care for me. She knew that I needed to care about my health, she knew how to tell me to take better of myself. She made sure I was taken care of. Overall I would definitely refer her."

Anna B.

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