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ELECTROMAGNETIC SENSITIVITY - also known as “microwave sickness”

Every cell, organ, and tissue in your body vibrates in a unique pattern. This vibration is energy, and that energy is electrical.

Radio frequency sickness is an environmentally induced functional impairment caused by exposure to radio frequencies. Many hypersensitive patients appear to have impaired detoxification systems that become overloaded by excessive oxidative stress. EMF can induce changes in calcium signaling cascades, significant activation of free radical processes and oxidative stress.

The best way to diagnose and confirm radiofrequency sickness is to reduce exposure. This is not as simple as it once was. It is essential to address both electrical pollution and wireless technology sources of exposure.

Symptoms of EMF sensitivity include multiple organ systems:

BRAIN: headaches, insomnia, dizziness, memory problems, brain fog, fatigue

EARS: tinnitus, humming, sharp pain, noise sensitivity

EYES: pressure in or behind eyes, eye twitching, vision disturbances, cataract

HEART: palpitations, arrhythmia, chest pain or pressure, difficulty breathing, low or high blood pressure

SKIN: skin rash, itching, burning, facial flushing

MOOD: irritability, depression, anxiety

OTHER: adrenal problems. Digestive problems, weight loss/gain, tingling, dehydration, hair loss, flu like symptoms, attention or behavioral issues

There have been reports of breast cancer, testicular cancer, brain cancer and many more associated with EMF. There have been case reports of women who carried cellphones in their bras and subsequently developed breast cancer. Buy appropriate phone cases and use pockets away from your genital area, your head or breast tissue.

What are sources of electropollution

· Cell phones – Cell phones and cell tower emit radio frequency fields (RFs), a type of high frequency EMF.

· WiFi – Wireless internet emits powerful radio frequency fields (RFs).

· Cordless phones – Do you have cordless phones in your home or office? The base for these phones emits a high concentration of high frequency EMFs.

· Dirty Electricity in homes, schools and offices – This U.S. electrical power grid is polluted by “invisible dirt”, high and mid-frequency signals that is equated with static on a radio station.

· Fluorescent Lights – Fluorescent lights emit much higher levels of EMFs than their incandescent or LED counterparts.

· Wireless baby monitors – emits RFs which are shown to be damaging especially to infants

· Smart Meters – emits high frequency radiation. If you have a Smart Meter, you can ask your power company to have it transmit only once per day (preferably when you are out of the house) to drastically reduce this radiation.

· Appliances and electronics – all appliances and electronics emit EMFs, some more than others. For example, refrigerators and electric stoves create a powerful EMF field.

What can you do?

  • Avoid smart meters in your home. Those are dangerous sources of electropollution.

  • Purchase an EMF meter ( for example

  • You can quickly determine RF present in your environment within 200 MHz and 8 GHz. Some of the more common sources the meter can detect: Cell towers, Cell phone emissions, Cordless home phones, Wireless routers (both 2.4 and 5 GHz), Bluetooth devices, Smart meter emissions, Baby monitors, Airport radar, Microwave oven leakage detection

  • Used a corded phone whenever possible to minimize cell phone use.

  • Keep the cell phone away from your head and body.

  • When talking on the cell phone, use speakerphone or wired airtube headset to reduce exposure to your brain.

  • Avoid carrying your phone against the body like in a pocket, sock, bra or spandex pants.

  • Laptops and tablets should always be placed on a table, not on your lap.

  • Use a special pad (e.g.DefenderPad) under your laptop. If you place your laptop on your lap, it directs radiation right into your vital parts.

  • Buy phone cases that shield you from EMF.

  • Be aware of how close children are to you when you are using a cell phone or wireless device and minimize their exposure. For example do not rest a cell phone on your baby or hold a transmitting device near their bodies.

  • Choose wired Internet (ethernet cable modems) at home/office instead of wireless systems. Use ethernet wired (not wireless) computers to do as much of your internet connection and social media and streaming videos.

  • Choose non-wireless options instead of wireless for tech and accessories such as computers, laptops, printers, gaming consoles and handsets, security, mouse, keyboard, video cameras, HVAC, speakers, headphones, microphones and other accessories.

  • Avoid sleeping next to your cell phone or wireless device. Cell phones should be powered off at night. If you use your cell phone as an alarm clock, turn the phone to airplane mode.

  • Do not charge cell phones or electronics near your bed at night.

  • Turn your phone off or on airplane mode with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth OFF more. Even in standby mode, your phone emits RF energy because it is constantly searching for service or new messages. If you do not need your cell phone, simply turn it off. This also applies to all other wireless devices whereby the Wi-Fi antennas can be powered off. Wifi laptops tablets and other devices such as gaming devices are always transmitting even if you are not using them so remember to power them off.

  • Avoid using your phone for GPS and use old-fashioned maps or turn your phone to airplane mode after uploading the map function

  • Practice “EARTHING” and connect with the earth’s electrical charge by walking barefoot on sand, grass or dirt, to allow the healing electrical charge of the earth flow through our bodies.

How to create a sleep sanctuary?

How many of us treat our mobile phones as an additional limb? Do you take your phone to bed with you as an alarm or bedtime entertainment?

Not only is the bluelight emitted from your cellphone harmful to your deep sleep, but wireless radiation is scientifically proven to be a sleep disruptor.

  • Do not sleep next to your mobile phone

  • Ensure bedrooms are free of all wireless devices, electronics, screens, baby monitors

  • Power off all wireless devices at night so radiation exposure is reduced while you sleep (routers, gaming consoles, home cordless phone bases, mobiles)

  • Do not charge phones, tablets, devices near the bed

  • Use battery powered alarm clocks (electric fields form electric clocks impact melatonin)

  • If you must use your phone as an alarm clock, turn on airplane mode, turn wifi and bluetooth and location settings off

  • No electronics or electrical cords near or under the bed


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